Bloody B930 TKL (Orange switch)

Bloody B930 TKL (Orange switch)


Brand new sealed with 1 year warranty

B930 TKL Tenkeyless Optical Switch Gaming Keyboard by Bloody Gaming

Ten Keyless Form Factor

Keep your enemies close and your mouse hand closer. Save space and feel less strain on your shoulder when playing for extended periods of time.

TKL body makes it quick and portable for gamers on the go.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

Weapons-grade anodized aluminum design maintains a lightweight frame while eliminating smudges and fingerprints from your strenuous gaming sessions

Dependable Durability

All Light Strike Keyboards use a nano-coating layer that is highly resistant to spills, splashes, and spouses. In extreme cases you can you can pop the switches out individually for more thorough cleaning (ex. sodas, sugary drinks).

The Technology of Optical Switches

You know that moment, the one where you’re seconds away from losing. You feel your finger pressing the game saving key, but it’s too late. The key didn’t register. No matter how many times you tell yourself, it keeps running over in your head, “I know I pressed it”. Maybe you’re not crazy. This is called input lag, it’s caused by mechanical switches and their metal to metal contact designing. This lag can be anywhere between 8-30ms; have you checked what you’re gaming on?

900 Series boards come in two Switch types.


  • LK Orange – Tactile, Clicky
  • LK Brown – Smooth, Linear


Illumine RGB – Illumination.


  • Use Fn + F12 to scroll through the pre-loaded color/animation profiles
  • Use FN + Left & Right arrow keys once and then FN + Left OR Right arrow key to cycle through 8 static colors.


  • Connector: USB
  • Key Type: Optic switch
  • Key Response:0.2ms
  • Anti-Ghosting Key:100% Anti-ghosting key
  • Extra Gaming Keycaps:8 ABS Keycaps
  • Hotkey: Multimedia Hotkey
  • Backlit: Customize RGB Animation
  • Backlit Brightness: Adjustable
  • Space-Bar: Screw stabilization enhanced space-bar
  • Memory Backlight: 6 on board RGB lighting modes
  • Key Lifetime: Up to 100 million keystrokes
  • Report Rate: 1000Hz/1ms
  • Size: 380mm x 150mm x 40mm


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