Honor Watch ES

Honor Watch ES


Brand new sealed with 1 year warranty

Honor Watch ES

1.64” AMOLED Touch Display

The bezel-less full-colour display delivers vivid visuals that adjust brightness automatically according to ambient lighting for all-day readability. The intricate 2.5D glass cover is pleasing to the eyes, and smooth to touch.

Light and Airy on Your Wrist

The thickness of the watch case is measured at just 10.7mm, together with a 30mm-wide frame making the watch a perfect fit on your wrist.

Straps for Every Style

The easy- fit straps are designed to suit every personality and style – from sporty to casual, or even futuristic.

12 Animated Workout Courses

Too busy to hit the gym? HONOR Watch ES has got your back, coming with 12 animated workout courses5 and 44 standard body-movement animations, including office quick-workout and abs workout.

95 Different Workout Modes

No matter you are into outdoor or indoor workouts, there is something for you. HONOR Watch ES comes with 10 professional workout modes – including walking, running, cycling, swimming – offer high-level fitness tracking with personalised guidance. You can also find your favourite workouts from one of the 85 customised workout modes to help you stay active and engaged.

10-day Battery Life on a Single Charge

HONOR Watch ES has up to 10 days of battery life on a single charge. If the battery runs out of juice, 30 minutes of fast charging can power a week of typical usage.

Lets You Unwind, Lulls You to Sleep

HONOR Watch ES is powered by TruSleep technology that specialised in scientific sleep stages (deep, light, REM sleep and awake) and breathing analysis, for high-level sleep tracking at a glance. Personalised assessments and recommendations provide crucial insight to help you achieve better sleep quality.

24/7 Heart Rate Monitor

The cutting-edge TruSeen 4.0 heart rate monitor makes use of optimised optical path and monitoring algorithms to obtain high-precision readings, providing continual supervision, with timely alerts of elevated or abnormal results.

SpO2 Monitor

The SpO2 Monitor6 tracks oxygen saturation levels in the bloodstream, making HONOR Watch ES a handy frame of reference for respiratory well-being when working out or in high altitude environments.

Stress Monitor

HONOR Watch ES allows you to manage everyday stress with HUAWEI TruRelax, calming your mind through a series of breathing exercises within the breathing app.

Female Cycle Tracker

The Female Cycle Tracker follows menstrual cycles, and predicts when the next period will come and go. HONOR Watch ES can also send reminders for the start of menstruation or ovulation, helping you stay informed and on track at all times!


  • Dimensions:

Height : 46mm

Width : 30mm

Weight : 21g (without the strap)

  • Display:

1.64-inch AMOLED touch display

456 x 280 pixels

Personalized watch faces, six always-on displays

  • Features:

Fitness Monitoring

12 Animated workout classes

44 Animated exercise moves

95 Workout modes

Health Monitoring

HUAWEI TruSeen™ 4.0 heart-rate monitor

SpO2 monitor

Sleep/stress monitor


10-day Battery life

Fast charging


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