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Mouschi S1000 SATA 3 2.5″ SSD

  • Brand: mouschi
  • SATA III 600MB/s
  • Size 2.5″
  • Up to 500MB/s read, 450 MB/s write


  • Please ground yourself before handling your mouschi SSD, as Static electricity can cause damage to the drive and other components in your system.
  • To protect your new SSD, avoid touching the connectors. Handle your mouschi SSD using its edge or frame.
  • Do not disassemble, crush, short circuit, or do any kind of modification to your SSD, as it may cause unexpected hazards.
  • Ensure your mouschi SSD does not exceed maximum operating temperature (70°C).
  • Keep your mouschi SSD away from any kind of moisture. Moisture can cause electric shocks with any electronic device.

Installation Guideline:
Before installing your mouschi SSD, please take all necessary precautions to comply with your Desktop manufacturer’s handling instructions.

  1. Power off your Desktop and disconnect the main power cord from the wall outlet. If your Desktop uses battery power, remove the battery.
  2. Refer to your Desktop manufacturer’s instructions for details on how to remove the outer case, and where the SSD connectors are located.
  3. According to the machine type:

(1) Insert your mouschi SSD into the connector on your on your motherboard. Once you have installed your               mouschi SSD into your Desktop, close the case, and then reconnect power to your Desktop.
(2) Laptop: Remove your old storage drive and insert your new mouschi SSD into the slot of your Laptop. It                may be necessary to re-install the battery before reconnecting the power.

4. Power on  your system to verify that the installation was successful.

Additional safety instructions:
Keep your mouschi SSD drive away from direct sunlight, moisture and extreme temperatures. Do not bend, flex or drop your mouschi SSD drive.

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128GB, 240GB, 480GB, 1TB


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