Orbegozo MP2000 Meat Grinder 600W (Open Box)

Orbegozo MP2000 Meat Grinder 600W (Open Box)


Open Box, showroom condition with 3 months warranty



Comfortable and efficient. The Orbegozo MP 2000 meat grinder makes it easy to prepare delicious dishes with which you can please family and friends. Cuts a wide variety of meats in a matter of seconds. Get great results quickly and effectively and make your kitchen a space for creativity and enjoyment.

It includes two blades and three interchangeable stainless steel discs to chop the meat completely to your liking. Its operation is as simple as pressing its start/stop button to regulate its on and off. It has a power of 600 W with which it is capable of chopping all kinds of meat without problem. In the upper container you will only have to place the meat and help yourself with a comfortable accessory to push it if necessary. At the base of the mincer there is a practical tray to store the accessories when you are not using them.

This Orbegozo mincer has great stability so you can handle it more easily. Cleaning it will not be a problem, since its elements can be disassembled and cleaned with complete precision.

Cooking with Orbegozo is very simple. The MP 2000 mincer is a good example of cleanliness, speed, safety and comfort .


  • Power: 600W.
  • Return movement function.
  • Start/stop button.
  • Metal neck.
  • Anti-slip system.
  • Useful tool for stuffing sausages.
  • Accessory to push the meat.
  • Accessory for Kibbe.
  • Tray to store accessories.
  • Accessories:
    3 interchangeable stainless steel discs.
    2 blades (1 spare).
  • Connection: 230 V – 50 Hz.


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