Remington IPL8500 ( Open Box )
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Remington IPL8500 ( Open Box )


Open Box showroom condition with 3 months warranty

Sold out!

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  • i-LIGHT uses intense pulses of light (IPL) to gently disable the hair follicle and prevent hair regrowth for permanent results and silky smooth skin.
  • Use for all over body treatment and female face
  • Integrated Skin tone tester continuously reads skin tone ten time every second
  • Three modes for customised treatments. Power Mode: full body treatment in 43 minutes, Express Mode: full body treatment in less than 15 minutes, Sensitive Mode: Less intense for sensitive areas
  • Includes Body cap with large 3cm window and Precision cap with 2cm window, no replacement bulbs needed.
  • Being permanently hair free was once something we could only dream of. Now, thanks to the latest in IPL technology, you can take care of unwanted body hair for good, from the comfort of your home. Replace those trips to the salon and throw away your waxing strips as you could enjoy permanent results thanks to the IPL Luxe. Introducing a safe, salon-quality hair removal system designed to give smooth skin every day. Easy and effective, the intelligent skin sensors read your skin hundreds of times per second, seamlessly and continuously adjusting to the optimum power for safe, effective hair removal. The IPL Luxe uses Intense Pulse Light technology to target hair directly at the roots, resulting in permanent hair reduction* and noticeably smoother skin. Gentle on the skin and easy to use, the i-Light Luxe has three modes and features body and precision treatment caps, allowing you to target specific areas. The IPL system also delivers the optimum wavelength, meaning the hair follicle will absorb more light and grow back less quickly, giving you smoother skin for longer. Achieve a full body treatment in just 43 minutes, or if you’re in a rush, the i-Light Luxe boasts an Express Mode meaning you can achieve a full body treatment in less than 15 minutes. Express Mode is a great option if you’re short of time, but it will take a few more treatments to achieve the desired results. Advanced PROPULSE technology works by heating the hair follicle, focusing light energy at the root to break the cycle of growth. The light energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and suppresses growth by stunning the follicle. The perfected wavelength means a bigger percentage of this goes directly to the hair follicle, giving you results that last, without damaging the skin. *Permanent hair reduction in just 3x treatments. Individual results vary. In clinical testing on skin tones I-IV on the body, treatment sites showed up to 94.3% and on average 66% fewer hairs twelve months after just three treatments.


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