Silvercrest Raclette Grill SRG 1300 D4 (Open Box)

Silvercrest Raclette Grill SRG 1300 D4 (Open Box)


Open Box, showroom condition with 3 months warranty

Silvercrest Kitchen Tools SRG 1300 D4 Raclette Grill

Soon it will finally be time for evenings together at the kitchen table with friends and family. With the Silvercrest SRG 1300 D4, meals become a pleasure for the whole family and their guests.

The raclette does not have a power switch, but the temperature of the grill can be set using a rotary control on the front. In the “zero” position, the device is not in action. Two LEDs indicate the operating status of the Silvercrest: if the green light is on, it is connected to the mains, if the red LED is also on, the heating element is being supplied with energy. 

Colored pans at Silvercrest Raclette

The Silvercrest raclette is designed for up to eight people, because the device comes with just as many pans and plastic spatulas. Clever: if you can’t remember the position of your pan, just look for the colored marking. There is a choice of two pans each with a red, white, black and light blue dot.

Structure of the Silvercrest Raclette

After a few minutes of waiting, the raclette is heated up and you can start: The users can not only fill the pans as they like, but also put all kinds of food on the grill plate. Thanks to the comfortable non-stick coating, nothing burns. A circumferential channel ensures that no fat can drip off the plate.

Other accessories included

So that the coating in the pans and on the grill plate does not suffer, the manufacturer has included eight hygienic plastic spatulas with which the food can be pushed out of the pans. Metal cutlery could otherwise quickly damage the protective layer.

Cleaning the raclette

The raclette grill is just as quick to disassemble as it is to assemble. The coating makes it easy to rinse pans and grill plates with warm water and dry them off. Food leftovers are solved in a flash. It is not recommended to leave the unused pans in the raclette, otherwise food residues could burn on. The heat reflector on which the pans stand can easily be polished again with a damp cloth after it has cooled down sufficiently.


  • For gratinating and grilling vegetables, meat and fish
  • Removable aluminum grill plate with high-quality non-stick coating from ILAG®
  • Infinitely variable thermostat
  • Stainless steel heating element and heat reflector
  • Anti-slip feet for a secure stand
  • Non-stick coated raclette pans with a bevelled edge for easy pushing out of the food
  • With cable winder

Technical data

Raclette grill Silvercrest Kitchen Tools
SRG 1300 D4 Raclette Grill
Dimensions (W×H×D) 49×13×25cm
Weight 2.4Kg
Grilling area (W×D) 40×20cm
Cable length 200cm
Power 1100-1300W
number of pans 8 pans with color coding (4 colors)
Equipment & accessories Aluminum grill plate with
ILAG Basic non-stick coating
(Corflon Ultra), non-stick coated
pans with a colored dot
on the handle, pans and spatulas
are dishwasher-safe, heating element
and heat reflector made of stainless steel,
cable storage on the bottom of the
device, continuously adjustable


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