Solac Jet LV1301 Steamer 1050W (Open Box)

Solac Jet LV1301 Steamer 1050W (Open Box)


Open Box, showroom condition with 3 months warranty

Steam Jet 2.1 Steam Cleaner


Steam efficiently and reliably removes the most stubborn dirt. With the Steam Jet 2.1 steamer you will deeply clean glass, upholstery, curtains, car seats, bathrooms, kitchens, tiles and everything you want, disinfecting it up to 99%.

The most professional and fastest cleaning.

It has 1050W of power, 3 bars of pressure and a flow rate of 30g/min. With Steam Jet 2.1 you will not need to use any chemical cleaning product, with the strength of the antibacterial steam it will be enough to effectively eliminate stains, dirt, allergens and bacteria.
For the little ones and allergy sufferers.
Prevents allergen residues from forming on cleaned surfaces and provides a safe environment. Steam Jet 2.1 is ready in just 3 minutes and has a 350 ml capacity, an extra-long 3 meter cable and an ergonomic handle.
Multipurpose steamer with 9 accessories.
Includes a measuring cup and funnel for easy filling, round brush, inclined nozzle, conical nozzle, glass cleaner, fabric cleaner, cloth and hose for the most versatile cleaning.
Maximum security.
It has the Safety Comfort system, a triple security system that guarantees the most comfortable, practical and safe use of the Steam Jet 2.1 steam cleaning machine. In addition, the steamer also has a light indicator for the appropriate pressure level.


  • Height: 22cm
  • Width: 25cm
  • Length: 14cm
  • Weight: 1.18 Kg


Power 1050W
Strain 220-240V
Frequency 50/60hz
heating time 3 min
Pressure 3 bars
Deposit 350ml
steam flow 30g/min
Accessories Extendable hose, glass accessory, fabric accessory, conical nozzle, inclined nozzle, round brush, cloth, measuring cup and funnel.
Cable length 3m


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