Taurus MySandwich Grill 800W (Open Box)

Taurus MySandwich Grill 800W (Open Box)


Open Box, showroom condition with 3 months warranty

Taurus Mysandwich Grill Sandwich Maker

The grill plate of the Mysandwich Grill sandwich maker will allow you to heat and toast any type of bread in a few minutes. Prepare from paninis, sandwiches to sliced ​​bread sandwiches. Its plate is ideal for all kinds of snacks, including ciabattas and country bread.

Its grill plate has a total cooking surface of 21.5 x 12.5 cm

Non-stick coating

The non-stick coating of the sandwich maker plates will prevent food remains from sticking, thus making it easier to clean. With a cloth after cooking it will be enough to clean the plates of the sandwich maker.

Cooking traffic light

The indicator lights located at the top will indicate when the sandwich maker reaches the ideal temperature to start preparing your favorite sandwiches. You will see that in a short time it reaches the necessary temperature. The blue indicator light means that you have to keep waiting, and the green one indicates that the required temperature has already been reached and that you can start toasting and sealing your favorite sandwiches.

Compact design with cable housing

Mysandwich Grill from Taurus has been designed in a compact way to offer you the greatest comfort when it comes to storage, its total measurements are 22x21x8 cm and, in addition, it has housing for the cable and the possibility of vertical storage.

Technical details


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