VEIKK S640 Drawing 6×4″ OSU Tablet with 8192 Levels

VEIKK S640 Drawing 6×4″ OSU Tablet with 8192 Levels


Brand new sealed

Slim body and Ultra-thin design

  • VEIKK S640 digital art tablet has 6 x 4 inch active area and is only 2 mm thickness.
  • It also supports both left and right hand user.


8192 levels Battery-free pen

  • VEIKK P01 Battery free passive pen, no battery and no charging required, allowing for constant uninterrupted using.
  • It has at most 8192 levels pen pressure to provide exquisite strokes.


Take it anywhere

  • Because of slim design and can be used with mobile phone, VEIKK S640 tableta grafica is easy to carry, you can take it anywhere you want such like library, classroom and home.


Integrated USB cable design

  • VEIKK S640 drawing tablet is designed with integrated USB cable, you won’t worry losing the cable and interrupting your creation. It is easier for you take it outside or on the way.

Drawing & Design

  • VEIKK S640 graphics tablet need to be connected with computer or an Android device for drawing or design.
  • Instead of traditional pen and paper, VEIKK S640 pen tablet provides perfect art creation experience.



  • VEIKK S640 graphic tablet can be used for digital business signature in Word, Excel, PDF etc.
  • It also can be used in banks, hotels, government and offices for signing.


Photo/Video Editing

  • S640 graphic design tablet works as a mouse replacement, make your Photo/Video Editing process easier and more natural than a traditional computer mouse, speed up your workflow!


OSU Play

  • This OSU tablet is a perfect mouse replacement for OSU! game play. Plug in and play, no need to install driver.
  • High level response rate, allowing you to play with music with no delay, enjoying the game!

Online teaching:

Online teachers can use VEIKK S640 pen tablet for marking student work, or for live tutorials or lessons, especially where complex visual information or mathematical equations are required. Students are also increasingly using them as note-taking devices, especially during university lectures while following along with the lecture.


VEIKK S640 graphic tablets allow you to start broadcasting for web conferencing, entering an interactive meeting room anytime, anywhere. And allow real-time point-to-point communications as well as multicast communications from one sender to many receivers.

VEIKK S640 digital art tablet can works with Microsoft Office apps like Word, PowerPoint, One-Note, as well as Zoom, Xsplit etc.

If you are students, teachers or entry-level painting lovers or kids, you can start with S640 graphic drawing tablet which provides cost-effective and perfect performance.


  • Active Area: 6 x 4 inch
  • Pen: Battery-free Passive Pen
  • Pen Pressure: 8192 levels
  • Report Rate: 250PPS
  • Reading Height: 10 mm

Packing List

1 x Pen Tablet

1 x Passive Pen

8 x Replacement Nibs

1 x pen clipper

1 x Pen Pocket

1 x USB Cable(Build-in tablet)

2 x OTG Connector

1 x Quick Start Guide

1 x Driver Download Reminder


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