Xiaomi Deerma Air Fryer KZ200 2L

Xiaomi Deerma Air Fryer KZ200 2L


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Xiaomi Deerma Air Fryer KZ200 2L will help you cook your favorite dishes without using a lot of oil.

The device brings food to readiness using hot air, which allows you to save a maximum of useful substances in them and reduce their fat content to a minimum. With this air fryer, even fast food can become healthy food.

Is made of food-grade materials that do not enter into chemical reactions with food even at high temperatures, so its use is safe for your health. The device will fall in love with all fans of a healthy lifestyle since you can continue to eat your favorite treats even while on a diet.

Advantages of the Deerma DEM-KZ200 Oil-Free Fryer

The Deerma DEM-KZ200 oil-free fryer is equipped with modern heating technology, helping to cook food without the need for cooking oil, making the meal not only tastier but also healthy. Especially, the product is equipped with a display screen with 6 different cooking features, allowing users to easily cook a variety of dishes.

Compact, high-end design

Deerma DEM-KZ200 possesses a premium look but has a slim size, 220 x 204 x 315mm, so it does not take up much area. In addition, the oil-free fryer with a capacity of 2L can meet the eating needs of a small family of 1-3 people.

Modern ripening technology

fryer is equipped with 3D heating technology, 9 heating engines combined with 360 ° air circulation. Specifically, the upper cabin is combined with a large-diameter fan below, forming a natural convection system during cooking. The heat rises and circulates according to the glass wall, all penetrating deeply into the food, helping to cook food quickly, avoiding scorch, keeping the full flavor and nutrients of the food.

Support 2 cooking modes

It supports the user up to 2 different cooking methods. Specifically, the product supports a baking pan with a rear heating tube that conducts heat instantly, can comfortably cook a variety of vegetables and beefsteak, making the outside crispy, soft inside. The second method Deerma supports frying baskets equipped with 100 holes arranged 360 °, forming a hot air vortex, allowing full heat contact with feed ingredients. No need for oil can also fry foods that are crispy, sweet, and low in calories
In addition, the oil-free fryer is also equipped with a rotary knob with integrated display of time and working status, easy to use with 6 cooking modes including french fries, fried chicken, skewers, fish shrimp, beefsteak, dried fruits.

High quality materials, easy to clean

Deerma DEM-KZ200 oil-free fryers are machined from high-quality materials, all passed food safety testing, so users can use them with peace of mind. Specifically, the lid of the cabin is made of 9mm borosilicate glass with a transparent design that allows users to easily observe the food during cooking. The frying basket and baking pan are made from cast aluminum material with a non-stick coating , safe and durable, and the cleaning of the product after cooking is also easier.

Trademark Deerma
Model DEM-KZ200
Rated voltage 220V ~
Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated power 1000W
Capacity 2L
Product dimensions 220 x 204 x 315mm


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