DJI OM 5 Athens Gray

DJI OM 5 Athens Gray


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  • Overview:
    Portable and palm-sized with a built-in extension rod, DJI OM 5 is a versatile companion that unlocks the full potential of your smartphone. Enjoy flawless selfies, super-smooth video, automatic tracking, and much more. A new ShotGuides feature even provides creative tips, empowering you to get stunning shots wherever you go. With DJI OM 5, get ready to master every shot.


    DJI Stabilization Technology
    DJI OM 5 utilizes the same powerful stabilization technology used on blockbuster film sets. That means you can now capture cinematic smoothness with your smartphone.

    Foldable and Pocket-Sized
    Smaller and more lightweight, DJI OM 5 is only one-third the size of OM 4 and fits perfectly in your palm when folded, making it compact enough to put in your pocket or a bag and carry anywhere.

    Built-In Extension Rod
    DJI OM 5 features a built-in 215mm extension rod that keeps the phone and footage stable while offering more dynamic high and low-angle shooting.

    ShotGuides automatically recognizes your environment and recommends a corresponding shot sequence along with short video tips for how to get it. It also recommends templates automatically according to what you just shot and creates a short video for you with a single tap.

    ActiveTrack 4.0
    What did we improve for ActiveTrack4.0? Pretty much everything. From more advanced recognition capabilities to higher responsiveness, there’s even a new automatic face tracking feature for selfie mode.

    Intelligent Shooting Modes
    Try CloneMe Pano, Story Mode, DynamicZoom, Timelapse, SpinShot, and more. Any moment can be a masterpiece, and with DJI OM 5, a wide range of intelligent shooting modes means you’ll always be ready to creatively capture it all.


    • Gimbal Dimensions: Unfolded: 264.5×111.1×92.3 mm
      Folded: 174.7×74.6×37 mm
    • Weight: Gimbal: 292 g
      Magnetic Phone Clamp: 34 g
    • Max Length of Built-in Extension Rod: 215 mm
    • Compatible Phone Weight: 230 ± 60 g
    • Compatible Phone Thickness: 9-10 mm
    • Compatible Phone Width: 67-84 mm


    • Type: Pouch Cell
    • Capacity: 1000 mAh
    • Energy: 74Wh
    • Voltage: 6-8.8 V
    • Charging Temperature: 5° to 40°C (41° to 104°F)
    • Operating Temperature: 0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F)
    • Operating Time: 4 hrs (under ideal conditions with the gimbal fully balanced)
    • Charging Time: 5 hrs (measured with a 10W charger)
    • Gimbal Charging Port: USB-C
    • Universal Mount: 1/4″ Threaded Hole


    • Power Consumption: 2 W (under ideal conditions with the gimbal fully balanced)
    • Mechanical Range: Pan: -161.12° to 172.08°
      Roll: -127.05° to 208.95°
      Tilt: -101.46° to 229.54°
    • Max Control Speed: 120° /s

    Wireless Mode

    • Model: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0


    • App: DJI Mimo

    Grip Tripod

    • Gimbal Dimensions: Length: 138 mm
      Diameter: 32 mm
    • Weight: 72 g


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