Stand Barcode Reader

Stand Barcode Reader


Brand new sealed

Universal Barcode Scanner Holder Hands Free Stand for Supermarket Retail Store Library Logistic Warehouse

  • Universal Barcode Scanner Stand has been upgraded and it is compatible with Honeywell 1250G, 1300G, 1900G, 1902G, 3800G, 1911i-ER, 147X, etc.
  • It is compatible with Zebra DS2278, DS6878, DS2208, LS2208, DS3608, DS4308, DS3678, DS8108, DS6707, etc.
  • Universal stand is a vital tool for hands free scanning, a good choice for Supermarket, Retail Store, Library, Logistics, Shopping Mall, etc. It can help greatly improve your work efficiency.
  • Barcode scanner stand is designed to be non-slip. The non-slip base makes the stand stable, not easy to slide, and it helps hold your scanners in place.
  • Barcode scanner stand is made of industrial level plastic, durable and robust. The stand is designed with stronger and stout neck for longer lifespan.
  • Measure two dimensions to decide whether the stand is for you. Firstly, measure the circumference of your scanner head, and it should be smaller than 7.8 inches. Secondly, measure the maximum width of your scanner head, and it should be smaller than 3.8 inches.


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